The Middle Atlantic Bight Physical Oceanography and Meteorology (MABPOM) Meeting will be held 11 – 12 October, 2018.  The meeting location will be at the National Academies J. Erik Jonsson Conference Center, Woods Hole, MA.

Meeting Information:

The focus of the MABPOM meeting is on the oceanography and meteorology of the Mid-Atlantic Bight and adjacent regions, including the Gulf of Maine, the shelf south of Cape Hatteras, as well as the coastal estuaries of the U.S. East Coast. Despite its name, MABPOM strongly encourages cross-disciplinary and student presentations.

The informal setting of the MABPOM meeting, where feedback is encouraged, provides an opportunity to present research results that may be preliminary or potentially controversial.

MABPOM meetings:

  • involve about 50 attendees;
  • usually last one and a half to two days;
  • have low budget;
  • are informal and irreverent (if possible);
  • are NOT necessarily restricted to either physical oceanography or meteorology– in fact we encourage interdisciplinary talks;
  • are not even restricted to the MAB (GoM and/or SAB talks are frequent);
  • encourage graduate students and young researchers to give talks; and
  • are usually built around session topics as defined by the submitted abstracts; 
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